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Feb 24, 2006
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Sol Cal
Hi all, I have a 2520 Xl , 2006 Will my boat float or sink ? I know there is foam , and alot I think !
My best guess is that she'll turn turtle and float upside-down on the surface, but she won't sink per se, e.g, the Titantic
On a good note, I mounted a life raft on top of our boat today, makes me feel better with my young son 50 miles out and my wife and me for that matter, I got the Zodiac Coastel.
I've heard USCG has a rating sytem to define levels of floatability.

I suspect Parker's many models will behave differntly.

I'm not aware of how the foam is installed. But I think my 2510 MV probably has miniscule area between the deck and the hull so it may be less likely to stay afloat.

I've been trying to decide whther my next best investment should be epirb, raft, or survival suit....

Probably best, mandatory, I just get epirb this year...? I missed out on the deal some of you all got from the guy in RI. I've been twisted over the two basic different types, with or without GPS. What kind of unit was he selling with all the other extras for ~$500?
Chop~Chop":29chm55n said:
What kind of unit was he selling with all the other extras for ~$500?
That was the ACR Personal Locator Beacon (PLB) with built-in GPS. Sells on-line for $572 at lowest price and in stores > $600. We got the PLB, a ditch bag, and 2 ACR strobes for $510 delivered.

You may want to call Jim O'Connor of Life Raft and Survival Equipment, Inc of Portsmouth, RI, who arranged the deal for us. You may not get the ACR freebies, but who knows. 800-451-2127

I feel an epirb or plb is item #1 for a boater in our waters.