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Capt Keith that is a serious dive ladder looks great. I would love some specs and detailed pics if you don't mind. Thanks Capt Brad
Capt Brad,
The dive ladder was custom built by a guy who builds T-tops,bow rails and any other need for marine applications involving aluminum and stainless. The best thing about the ladder is he only charged $180.00 to build and install it.
The construction is 3" square aluminum stock for the "leg" and 7/8" pipe for the "rungs". He drilled hole in the square stock on the leg, slid the pipe in then welded them in place. The botom rung ( bottom as in when the ladder is deployed into the water) is filled with lead to make the ladder sink.
His method of attaching it to my engine bracket was to bolt a large sheet of 7/16" plate aluminum and weld a larger peice of pipe to use as a hinge.
On the top of the ladder a piece of larger pipe was welde into place for that portion of the hinge. A smaller peice of pipe goes thru both the plate and ladder hinge as a "pin" type system to hold the ladder to the bracket. Two small screws hold the pin in place so it won't slid out and the ladder fall out.
Its a neat system and has seen alot of usage and I feel it is stronger than the Armstrong/Garelick x-mas tree style ladders and the price was a little cheaper.
One note in the picture above the ladder was a little too long. I have subsequently cut the bottom rung off and it doesnt protrude into the cockpit as much.
I'll attach some photo's of the shorter version.


  • Dive Ladder 3.JPG
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  • Dive Ladder.JPG
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