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Feb 24, 2006
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Solomons Island, MD
I have played with just about every kind of rod holder there is that will hold a fly rod. Last weekend, a line to the sea anchor caught a double holder with suction cups and dragged it overboard into Davy Jone's Locker. That did it. Decided to rig up something that will keep the rods safe on the 2510. This was going to be a winter project, but with two trips to the CBBT around the corner, decided I needed to do something immediately.

Played with a design I had in my head that was a take-off from one I'd seen on Ended up with a double-ended design. Reason for making them double-ended was that I often fly fish from the front deck and need a place to park my rods butt forward, tip to the rear, but also give someone in the cockpit a place to park rods butt to the rear, tip forward.

Made up four of these double-ended jobs out of 1.5" PVC pipe. Routed a big "v" in some 1"x2.5" teak. The teak will be mounted with the "v" against the tubing holding up the hardtop. Another section of teak will be mounted with the "v" against the PVC pipe. Kind of hard to follow in words, but the pics should help you see the approach. Once I get them mounted, I'll add some pics to show where I placed them.


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Nice job! That's what I like about ClassicParker. Guys come up with an idea, research it, tweak it to fit their own needs, build it, then post pictues! Like watching an episode of "This Old Boat" :lol:

When you cut the slots out of the PVC, I presume you used the table saw we see in the photo and therefore wouldn't be able to watch the blade travel through the cut. How did you keep the two cuts paralell, and prevent them from "spiralling" or twisting as you fed them through?

I actually set a line with a "Sharpie" and a straight edge, then offset 1-1/4" and drew another one. Then used a jigsaw to make the cuts in the PVC pipe. The table saw was used to cut the "v" in the teak. I used an extra wide dato blade, and made the cut at an angle, then flipped the wood end-for-end, and made the second cut.

Here are the rest of the pics showing the mounting.


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Rod holders are a little far apart. When I winterize for good, I'll cut the wireties, take them home, and shorten the long blocks and remount one of the rodholders closer to the other. Will probably take 3"-4" off the top end and lower the upper rod. Although...hmmm...there is room for a third holder. With one like that on the other side, I'd have a six-shooter. :D :D :D
Rod holders worked absolutely great this last Tuesday (election day). Rods rode well and didn't bounce around. I'm going to add a velcro or bungie as a safety strap before I hit the oft times heavy seas of the CBBT.

Now I just need to cut 4 more small blocks and get the other side finished. Will go to the CBBT with four holders.