Found two more Parker owners and potential members

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Feb 24, 2006
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Solomons Island, MD
Was heading back into Solomons last Sat and found a nice 2510 anchored at the mouth of the Pax. They were out of Deale, and had not heard of, so I told them.

Today I was at the ramp in Solomons and a nice gentleman and his wife were tidying up after loading their fairly new 2320. They are also out of Deale. Informed them of and the rendezvous at Whithall Bay next Sat.

Hope both show up here at, and one/both show up to the rendezvous.

Have all of you been passing the word?
Porkchunker":3sconadu said:
Have all of you been passing the word?
Skopje ... (just can't get used to calling you "Porkchunker") ... wait 'til after this weekend is over ... you'll have a new way to pass the word, courtesy Capt Kevin :) ! But I'm not tellin' ...
2 Parkers out of Deale. Hmmmmmm.....

Something tells me that I need to make up some colorful fliers that we can use as handouts.

Take that same handout to Kinko's and have it made into a poster...
Then ask Tri-State Marine to place it in their showroom.

TF'er Boatron is planning to attend the rendezvous on Sat...
I'll ask if something like that is possible. :wink:

Thanks for spreading the word Dave! 8)