Fuel level sensor?

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Mar 4, 2006
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new london, ct/mass
My fuel level sending unit is shot and needs to be replaced. Does anyone know if these are generic assemblies or do I have to order one from parker?

It's for the 172 gallon tank on a dv hull.

Thanks for the info Daniel.

I will probably wind up picking up one of these new SS floats for my 126 gal tank. My OEM sensor now has "flat spots" in it. For example, I will be at 3/4 tank -forever-, then, all of a sudden it will jump to 1/4 tank.. No gradual drop. :shock:

I might take this opportunity to peek in the bottom of the tank as I switch over to ethanol. The gas tank sensor is probably the only practical access point to the bottom of the tank. Hmm.. instead of sealing it back with the gasket and screws I should probably use a plexiglas top and quick-release latch :lol: I might need to peek in there occasionally just for peace of mind.


Just got off the phone with WEMA, they are a great company to deal with. The stainless sensor is still $40. Their website is http://www.wemausa.com.

How far away from the "end" of the tank is the sensor hole? Will I be able to see the bottom and the stern end of the tank when I remove the old sensor? I have a sneaky feeling that is where most of the "crud" in the bottom of my tank will be lodged.

I will work this retrofit to coincide with my first load of Ethanol.

Oh, and of -course- I wouldn't use a match to see the bottom of the tank,, that would be just plain silly...I'd use a -flare-, they give much better light! :shock:

(Only kidding Kevin, put that foam nozzle down!)

Thanks again for the lead to WEMA Daniel.

Gerg - great company to deal with so far. I'll let you know how fast they deliver, and how the replacement goes.