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Capt. Yakes

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Jun 13, 2006
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Eastern Shore of Maryland
We are going to be fishing the boat much longer into the winter this year and I wanted opinions on what brand of fuel stabilizer/antifreeze works best?

Capt. Yakes
Parker SC2120
Yamaha 150HPDI
Sta-Bil and Ringfree is what I use.
FWIW - I run my boat until about Dec 15th here.

we have used the mdr product with perfect success for 30 years....
many folks also swear by stabil as well...dan
FWIW I use whatever fuel stabilizer is on sale ... but usually use the Star*Brite product or the West Marine version. Most years for the past 20-30, my 3 brothers and I have run anywhere from no less than 5 to up to 11 OBs each season.

We'e had zero problems with the S*B or other fuel treatment stuff provided you add it to the tank BEFORE you really need it ... so it gets the chance to get mixed up with all of the fuel and get drawn through the motor. That requirement goes for Sta-Bill too ... and we've never ever had to rebuild one OB carb in 30+ years boating.

One BIG plus for the Star*Brite fuel treatment versus that of Sta-Bil is that ... it's HALF the price! Sure, they sell the bottles for roughly the "same" amount, but Sta-bill needs 1 ounce to treat 2.5 gallons while most all other fuel treatments only use 1 ounce to treat 5 gallons.

Did I say that IMHO Sta-Bil is way overpriced ... :?: ? But that's just me, I'm a cheap ba$tard ;) ... use what works for ye'!

just be sure to use SOMETHING in your fuel for winter stabilization.
I filled my tank on Monday (probably my last fill-up of the year) and added one bottle of StaBil (treats 80 gallons of fuel), 10 ounces of Startron, and 10 ounces of Ringfree before filling up with 90 gallons of fuel.

I'd been hearing lots of good things about Startron, so I figured... why not? :)
Overkill? Probably... but I'm set for the winter now.

BTW - Changed the baby blue Yammie fuel filter too. 8)