Full Transom Livewell Conversion

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Feb 24, 2006
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Barnegat Bay
I have a 2520XL with a full transom and am looking to convert a part of it into a livewell. Has anyone done this yet? My thoughts are to portion out the port side small hatch section using a fiberglass sheet, round the corners with glass and get some kind of gelcoat finish applied so it will look factory. The saltwater pump for the washdown is located under this box so I was going to use this pump with a Y valve. While I wish I could fill up this huge transom fish box with fish it has not happened as of yet so installing a livewell to get my portable one off the deck is where I am headed. Thoughts??

Hey. I was searching through some old threads and wondering if you ever got anywhere with this project? I’m interested in doing the same thing. Thanks.