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Aug 31, 2006
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I've read pros and cons on the dependability of the GSD22. The cons say the 22 has issues keeping bottom and the software has bugs. Currently I have a GSD20 wired to a 3006c. I am considering moving to the 22 for its digital capability. Does anyone have the GSD22 installed?
i currently have a gsd 22 on my 2530, hooked up to a 3206. it was installed in july and has a tendency to loose the bottom, and when it does it appears to lock up, but in fact if you change the range ( up or down) it will find the bottom again. once i figured this out it was a lot less annoying. this was a new and costly unit/install for me so i complained enough to have a garmin rep visit my boat and their position is that a gsd 22 will not work properly on my 2530 hull. Their remedy was to give me a transom mount transducer (which i have not installed yet).
i think i will install the new and keep the old one to have the "plug and play option"
hope this helps....

goog luck........
Their remedy was to give me a transom mount transducer (which i have not installed yet).

I've reconfigured my installation with a transom mount transducer. Also, I've opted for the speed and temp version since I like to monitor the drift while at anchor. After speaking with a tech at Garmin, coincidentally, they have had other complaints with the in-hull version when used in a Parker hull. Garmin's tech had no explanation for the problem. He did say that the flaw in the system was not the GSD20 and I must assume that would also be true for the 22. After installing the transom mount transducer mine works flawlessly. I would appreciate to hear your findings after installation.