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Sep 10, 2006
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Parker River, MA
Hi, Guys ....

I'm still looking !!!! If you know someone...who knows someone...who knows someone...etc. !!

I have a perfectly good 185 Sounder unit that is very lonely for a Micro G-chart It only has the pre-programmed info, which ain't much on definition atall

Thanks , Mac

NOTE: Garmin GPSMap 185 Sounder Micro G-charts (Posted Sept. 19/06)

Does anyone have a Micro G Chart cartridge of the Massachusetts'...or NewEngland...or General East Coast for this unit ??
Ideally, the Mass. coast is the one I need.

Garmin discontinued the 185S a few years ago and no longer supplies the Micro cartridges. They'e tough to find.

They also work with the Garmin 180...if someone has had that model and would like to sell the Micro Chart..

Willing to buy, of course. Thanks, guys. Mac