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Gimme Shelter

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Mar 25, 2006
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Palm Harbor, FL
Instead of joining all the crazies down at Gasparilla this past Saturday I decided to go fishing..Marine forecast called for 2ft seas but they were easy 3-4 ft early in the morning heading out. My destination was about 40 miles out; however, sea conditions dictated pulling up about 10 miles short. The day started out slow so I decided to try an area about 5 miles away that has been productive in the past. About 15 minutes after anchoring up at the "new" spot I landed this fatty...measured 33' 19lbs.
We caught a few more keepers and a lot of shorts so this fish made the trip worth while...


  • bigGouper (Small) (Custom).jpg
    bigGouper (Small) (Custom).jpg
    22.3 KB · Views: 107 is a Grouper...most species you catch in the West Central Gulf are Grouper-Black & Red, AJ's, some Trigger Fish, King & Spanish Macks, Tuna to name a few....

The area is fished so much that catching a Grouper this size only 30 miles off shore is a treat...the added bonus was the fish had a hook and leader in its mouth from a recently won battle.
At least someone is fishing. It was 20 degress when I took my son to the bus stop this morning.

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