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tiger 3

Jan 1, 2007
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Avalon, N. J.
Hi everyone and happy new year.
My name is Bob and I am from Avalon, N. J. I found this site while on the "bass Barn". Looks like I am the first new member of 2007. I am the proud owner of a 2004 Parker SC that I bought used in Jan. of 05 The boat had 32 hrs. on it and is powered by a 175 HPID. The rig was in showroom condition. I do a lot of striper fishing and the cabin sure was nice on those cold spring/fall days here in the north east. I look foward to many enjoyable hrs. here on the " Classic Parker ".
Welcome aboard Tiger and congrats on being the newest member of 2007. I've owned a Parker 23SE for three seasons now. I live in Massachusetts and love this site. I'm mostly a lurker here but the guys are great. Again, welcome aboard and Happy Holidays.