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Feb 24, 2006
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Solomons Island, MD
OK...with all the wind keeping me off the Bay, I decided to clean the basement and garage, and put all my tools away. Once that was done, I turned my attention to the jammed windlass.

I opened the case, and to my surpirse, found little damage. It appears that the nut holding the large middle gear onto the shaft, backed off and jammed against the case, finally pushing it out through the side of the case. The main housing is machined aluminum, but the side case is fiberglass. The inside of the case is remarkably clean after 4.5 seasons, showing no sighs of water intrusion. Appears that if the nut hadn't backed off, this little windlass would have gone for a long time.

I believe I can replace one gear (chipped tooth), a thrust bearing, and the side case and get back into action.

Attached are the pics of the disassembly.

See this link for the removal of the jammed windlass, and the installation of the new one: ... php?t=1016


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Wow... not a lot to the guts of that windlass. :shock:
So will you repair it and keep as a spare?
Even better news. I disassembled the guts and couldn't find any chipped teeth. Not sure where the metal chunk came from, but the high-priced gears are A-OK. Side case is about $130, and the O-ring and wiper seal are another $20. May have a spare windlass for less than I originally thought.

Glad it worked out for you !

You know, as a retired school principal, I really admire how you illustrate and explain the step-by-step process to your projects. You'd make a great teacher :) . I know I'm learning a lot from you :D (and all the other guys too :wink: !!!!