Got my new to me boat today

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Oct 18, 2006
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Lumberton NJ LEI
Well I sent out the deposit and i will take delivery next week. I wanted to go parker but I had to spend a little less until the wife starts working again. So I figured this would hold me over until I am ready for the pilot house or CC. The Pics arn't working for me but anyway it is a 19 Jones brothers Bateau w/ 60hp yamaha. I am planning on rigging a 70# riptide on the boaw and procede to crush the flounder and bass in Tuckerton!!


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Hey, I recognize you from the "barn".
The owner of the marina where I keep my 2520 has a Jones Bros CC. Nice boat, he told me they are a spin off from a couple of guys that previously worked for Parker? Not sure though. :?:
Come spring time, you'll have to put me onto those Great Bay spots for fluking..I cant seem to get anything over 15 inches up there in April and May and the greenheads are a PITA !

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