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Sep 5, 2006
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CT and RI
Hi there! I dont own a Parker, but have always considered one.

Compare these two:

226 Grady White Seafarer or 2510 DV Parker.
Wow, that's a wild comparison ... to me that's like comparing a full-sized SUV (Expedition or other) that is rather basic or stock to a normal/mid-sized SUV (Escape or other) that's loaded with fancy features.

Grady White Seafarer 226
Beam Amidships: 8'
Bridge Clearance: 6' 2"
w/Hardtop: 8' 4"
Center Line Length: 22' 2"
Cockpit Depth: 26"
Cockpit Square Footage: 49 sq. ft.
Hull Draft: 16"
Dead Rise at Transom: 20° with SeaV2 hull (continuously variable vee)
Maximum HP: 250
Outboard Shaft Length: 25"
Standard Fuel Capacity: 92 gal.
Transom Width: 7'11"
Weight w/o Engine 226: 3385 pounds (standard transom)
See full specs here:

Parker 2510 deep-V:
Beam Amidships: 9' 6"
Bridge Clearance: :?:
Center Line Length: 25' 4"
Cockpit Depth: ?? guessing at least 24" :?: ??
Cockpit Square Footage: guessing > 72 sq. ft. (9' beam x 8' long), could be longer, my 2520 has ~9'x11' cockpit
Hull Draft: 17"
Dead Rise at Transom: 21°
Maximum HP: 500
Outboard Shaft Length: 25"
Standard Fuel Capacity: 173 gallons
Transom Width: Bet its almost 9'
Weight w/o Engine 226: 5350 pounds (bracketed OB)
See full specs here: ... ?boatid=12

If you plan on towing, you might consider an 8' 6" beam hull. Ask yourself what your boat needs and/or demands are. Do you want fancy or size, weight, and strength?
Well, to tell you the truth, I have always been a basic boater and dont mind adding biggest reason for looking for a new (different) boat is ride. I want a deep vee that slices into waves and doesnt bounce off them.....
Send a PM (private message) to CP member GW204 as he recently visited a local dealer to compare a Grady 228 to a Parker 2310 which really is a closer match than a 226 is to a 2510.

Ask for his impression while looking at both boats side-by-side, and you will get an honest one.
BTW - Brian owns a GW Sailfish now, and his previous boat was also a Grady.

The 226 is a 22' boat with an 8' beam while the 2510 is a 25' boat with a 9'6" beam that weighs 2000#'s more than the Grady.
Big difference and not a fair comparison, though the price between those two models might be comparable.

If you'd like first hand knowledge from owners of Gradys, try posting your questions to:
For Parker information... well, you found the place right here. :wink:

Good luck!
Cappy":p8or5w7n said:
Well, to tell you the truth, I have always been a basic boater and dont mind adding biggest reason for looking for a new (different) boat is ride. I want a deep vee that slices into waves and doesnt bounce off them.....

You need to catch a ride on both..... words sill not suffice.

I had a 226 with OX66 200 hp on the back. The above posts are correct. I now have a Paker 2520 XL (so it's a mod V) with a 4-stroke 225. You can't really compare the boats fairly. But they do contrast nicely. The 226 has a fairly small cockpit, but due to its being open to the helm, you can still fish 4 without stepping on each other much. It's pretty quick and comfortable, both in a chop and drifting. The cubbies and storage are nice to have built in, everything is (almost) always right at hand when you need it. It's solid. My Parker, on the other hand, is as all other Parkers are. It's stark. The room out back on the dance floor is great. 4 can fish without bumping each other at all. The ride is a bit rougher in a chop, so I slow down. The drift is much more comfortable, even in steep swells or moderate chop. There are many things I miss about the Grady. For instance, it was much more easy to put into the slip and pull up to the fuel dock. The 2520 (with pilothouse and engine bracket) doesn't back nearly as well and the pilothouse acts like a big sail. (I know, the 2520 isn't a pilothouse, so that probably doesn't factor in the comparison). Overall, though, I'm pleased with the Parker.

That said, I also agree that the size makes it a tough comparison and your concerns about your needs in terms of ride may only be answered when you step foot on each one for a test ride.

Good luck in your search, let us know what happens.
I owned a 2510 for 9 years. Moved to a 2820 this year. With all due respect, its laughable to consider a comparison of a 22 foot Grady to the 2510. I made countless trips to the edge in all sea conditions. The boat is a tank. If you're into frills and gingerbread, you're a Grady guy, if you're into a hardcore fishing machine, go for the Parker. But consider apples to apples.
To get apples to apples, you've really gotta compare the 2310 to the 232 Gulfstream, and the 2510 D/V to the 282 Sailfish.

My guess is that the Gradys in those comparison will have the better ride, but you'll pay dearly $$$$ for it. $58K for a 2310 vs. something like $94K for a 232. NOT!!!! :shock:

As I said, the 2310 wins hands down over the 226/228.

I had a deposit on a 2006 228 Grady rigged out to the gills but pulled it after reading about the scupper problem and Grady's fix for it,,,brilliant I might add,,,,yea, just move the tank forward into the space for the aux. tank, fine and dandy as long as you don't have the aux. tank option, which mine was going to have. I'll pass, thank you very much.

Anywho,, after talking with the Admiral and showing her the Parker 2310 rigged out, that was her choice, fine by me. Cockpit space is unreal compared to the Grady 226/228. Strictly a no frills fishing machine. Haven't made the jump yet as I have slowed my pace down somewhat as we have a kid heading to college in the near future and I have a boat to fish on now so we'll see how everything falls out later.

When the time comes, it will be a Parker 2310 rigged with F250, Hardtop with full curtains, fresh water shower, saltwater washdown, rocket launchers, swim ladder off the full bracket.

Just my .02 from someone considering the same boats.