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Feb 16, 2006
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Newbury, MA
Go to: . Examples:

Johnson OB, L/U zinc:
Boat Zincs $7.13 ... Boater's World $8.99 ...West Marine $18.99

Johnson OB, OB Bracket Bar Zinc
Boat Zincs $11.58 ... Boater's World $16.99 ...West Marine $19.99

4" (3 .75") Rubber zincs:
Boat Zincs $8.48 ... Boater's World $10.99 ... West Marine $12.99

Trim Tab Zincs:
Boat Zincs $7.13 ... West Marine $12.99

I was also in Worst Marine today, just to get out of work and their prices have SKYROCKETED! They wanted $100 for that piece of crap Perko chrome-pated zinc doorlock, on-line < $70, just over $70 @ Boater's World. $64 for 2 Aftco outriggah clips @ Worst Marine ... yet only $40 @ Boater's World.

West Marine's prices are OUTRAGEOUSLY high :shock: !

I do support my local businesses, so I shop @ my local BW's store. I'll leave this up as a "sticky" until most boats are splashed, then will remove the stickey and it'll be in the archives.
I've been preaching about the horrors of West Marine's prices for many years. Boaters World beats them on 95% of the products and in some cases, by a huge margin.
WM is about 10 minutes further from my house than BW. If their prices are that much higher than BW, :shock: :shock: I can only imagine how rediculous they are. Thank goodness for the internet. I will pay more money all day long to support my local businesses, however, I refuse to be strongarmed. :x
Zinc in saltwater, magnesium in freshwater.

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