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Mar 10, 2006
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Gibson Island, MD
I fish and seaduck hunt out of the Magothy river on the western shore of the Cheaspeake Bay above the Bay Bridge.

A Parker 2520 owner for 10 years. It's a '93 w/a 200 Yamaha. Been terrific. Just had some work done and will put it in shortly.

I was in Fairwinds on the Magothy for the last 4 seasons. Have now moved South to Solomon's Naval Recreation Center. It is a longer drive, but closer to better fishing.

Went from $1,700 a year in fees to $245. One of the bennies for 24 years of service. :D :D :D

Welcome to virtual Parker nervana
24 years of service, you deserve a break !

I would like to head south too but I live in Harford County, it would knock out my evening trips.
I am at LJ marina behind Cantler's... We do a lot of anchoring behind Gibson Island swimming with the kids. See you out on the bay.

I hope to put a name on my boat this year as there are 3 MC 2550's on my creek and two of us run Merc's.