Greater Philly-area "CP Pub Social" TUESDAY 12Dec

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Feb 16, 2006
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Newbury, MA

I'm traveling to the Philadelphia area next week and Brad "Parker" and Jim G. and hopefully some others are going to meet up at Flanigan's Boathouse pub on Tuesday night @ 7:30pm for a pub burger or other and a few pints!

All area ClassicParker members most welcome!

Please PM me ahead of time (by 6pm Tuesday) so we know ahead of time how big a table to get. The table or wherever we're seated will be under the name "Classic Parker".


Flanigan's BoatHouse
113 Fayette Street
Conshohocken, PA
(610) 828-BOAT (2628)
Looks 4 of us so far will be there ... I'll get a table in the name of Classic Parker ... but first find me at the bar ... I'll be the guy with the CP shirt on ;) !
Dale and Jim it was a pleasure finally meeting the both of you in person. I had a great time hanging out and enjoying a great dinner. I look forward to doing it again real soon. Hopefully next time we can get more members to join us. Dale - enjoy your stay and have a safe trip home.

Great to meet you guys too :) ! I tell you ... if anyone ever visits the greater Philly area ... call on the local CP crew here!

The bar was great and the "grouper burger" was one of THE most outstanding piece of fish that I've ever had. Burger? It was a blackended fillet (or available broiled) about 10-12" long!

For only $8, it came with your choice or salad, coleslaw, fries, rice, or mashed potatoes.