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Polky Pig

Nov 3, 2006
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Bay Point Marina, Cedarville, NJ
Newbie here from Bay Point Marina, Cedarville, NJ. I operate a 1995 25' MV Parker with a 2005 250 hp Yami. Great boat and hope to keep her for a long time... Love this site and hope to gain alot of knowledge from all of you here as well as help those that need assistance.

Capt. Dave Polk
"Polky Pig"
Hi Dave!

Welcome to the ClassicParker Family! It's a cross between a think tank, a Parker Owner's Manual, and a group therapy session :lol:

Pull up a keyboard and dig in! An all-you-can-eat Parker Buffet!

Post your photos and don't be afraid to speak up!

Welcome. I'm not too far away from you - I'm docked in the Maurice River. Have the coming week off for striper fishing. Good luck with the boat!
Welcome aboard Dave! :D

I have a 1995 2520 MVSC with a 225 OX66 and would love to know the performance numbers on your boat with the 250. :wink:

We have a thread here titled something like, "What is your cruise speed" that you might like to check out and add to. :)
Jim... I pass you at least twice a year ! I dry dock at Spring Garden- Up the Maurice. Nice boat you have. We need to get Itchy Foot and some of the others on the Maurice River onboard here. I once was docked at the end of F dock at Port Norris, next to the NJSP station. I moved last year where it is closer to some great flounder and striper spots... Give me a shout and I'll show you some sports in the north.

Take care and be safe

Polky Pig
I hope to fish DE Bay more than a few times over the next year. I have just had too much going on at home with a house fire and baby to get there this year. My father has done very well with his buddy on a Parker 28 out of Cape May....
Hi Dave,

I'm actually at Robinson's Marina which is next to Port Norris South...I think I remember seeing your boat at Spring Garden over the winter when I stopped in for some bulk yamalube. There are quite a few Parkers in the Maurice River that's for sure. I spent a month up your way at Money Island marina last year while I was waiting for mine to open up (little anxious to fish). Anyway, I hope to catch up with you sometime and thanks for the compliment on my boat.