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Oct 22, 2006
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South Jersey & SE Florida
Very nice site!
Don't own a Parker myself, but a close friend does. One I am trying to sell, it was suggested by someone on another forum that I post it here.

I see a few familiar names here :D Hi guys!

Parkers are really nice boats. When my friend bought the home next to me (on the water), a boat was immediately added to the list of things to buy. We went shopping. Parameters; 18'ish... Money no object :lol:
First boat we looked at was a 18 Parker. It was also about the 5th, about the 15th and the last one. It has been a sweet boat to have in our little fleet. If my friend moves back on the water someday, another Parker will likely be tied behind his home.
Welcome aboard Afishinado!

Make yourself comfortable and browse away...
Many of the items you will see discussed here, including project items, translate well to any brand.

Enjoy! :wink: