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Aug 22, 2006
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Long Island North Shore
I've been monitoring the board for a few months and you all really helped me decide on my 2006 2520XL which I've had now for about a month. Home port is Northport Harbor on LI's north shore. It took until now to apply the graphics. Having done that today I can finally post a pic. I look forward to being a part of the Parker community.


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ParkerSal":bxbpcxkr said:
Welcome Ed,
She's a beaut!

I agree! Welcome aboard and thanks for posting a photo!
Great looking ride... 8)

Hey Sal... check out the 'bench'! :D
Welcome aboard Ed!

I can almost smell that "new Parker" smell through the photo!.. :D

Us Parker owners with "older" models are especially interested in the photos of newly-minted Parkers. We get to see what improvements they are making at the factory, and it gives us ideas for next year's projects. Kinda like a trip to the Boat Show without the $40 parking. :roll:

Aquinnah, great name..........did you grow up on the Vineyard?
I'm a lifelong Long Islander but the Vineyard is our favorite vacation getaway. I've caught some great stripers and blues off Lobsterville Beach on a flyrod. I like the fact that the Wampanoag indians of Aquinnah were known for their boating and whaling skills. It also doesn't hurt that Gay Head beach is one of the few remaining nude beaches in the U.S. :wink:


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