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Apr 6, 2006
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Martha's Vineyard
Hi all. My name is Phil Cronin and I purchased my 21SE at the end of last season. I run a fishing charter business out of Martha's Vineyard so if you are ever over on the island give me a shout. I've recently rigged out new Raymarine electronics on her and am anxious to launch her next week for the season. From time to time as I tweek her more I'll post some pics.

I was very impressed with this site when I ran across it and hope to be a regular visitor/contributor.Dale and his team have done an admirable job setting it up and for that I thank him.

Welcome aboard!

Post some pictures ... :)
Welcome to the board.

I want to get up in that area to fish someday. I'm tired of dinks in the Ches Bay all summer long. I'd like to chase those big cows out of the Ches Bay in the spring and up the coast all summer...may someday when I'm retired.
Welcome Aboard Capt.

I used to charter down in the FL Keys that 21 se will make an perfect charter boat I have sold several boats to people from the Vineyard. I have standing invitations to visit them sometime, but I seem to have a problem going north of Palm Beach I hate being cold so we will see. Good luck with the boat. Capt Brad
Dale's been after me to post some photos of Capawock so here they are fresh from her first splash on Wednesday April 12.


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