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Mar 30, 2006
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Seaside Heights NJ
Finally registered after watching the boards here for a while. Even picked up a few pointers.

Bought an '04 2120 new, and so far very happy with my choice. I was undecided on 23' Seaswirl and Key West walk around, but then checked out the 21' Parker and was really surprised at the room in the pilothouse. Feels bigger than it really is, and didn't expect that. Price was about the same and I gave up a couple feet, but the comfort of having the cabin makes up for it. Went with the Yamaha 150 2-stroke, and it's worked out just fine crusing and fishing Barnegat Bay.

I'll upload a photo or 2 when I either get a few more current, or scan what I've got. It's pretty basic and stock right now, as I just can't bring myself to drill holes in it.....yet. First upgrade will probably be radar, next season. Now just have to make the time to start cleaning and getting ready for this season. Fishing should start picking up any time now.

That's a tricky question right now. I've been at Wheelhouse in Seaside Park but the owners sold the business last December and the property and marina was picked up by the state. I've called a few times and they've said there will be slips, but so far I haven't received a contract. I'll hold out a couple more weeks and if I don't get a contract, then like everyone else I'll have to scramble to find something, somewhere in the area.


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