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Mar 8, 2006
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Reedville, VA
Greetings all...
I am so pleased to have found this site.
Not that I am obsessed with my Parker or anything...but I do enjoy talking about it, and with other people about their Parker experiences.
My boat is a '03 25' MVSC with twin 115 hp Yamaha's.
I am the second owner, having purchased the boat 2 years ago on the internet from Boats Inc. located in Niantic CT.
Boat had 37 hrs at time of purchase, and previous owner spared no expense outfitting the boat. I am enjoying his good taste.
I live in Reedville, VA and fish the bay, and this boat has proven to be a real trooper.
I am looking forward to being a part of this forum, and calling on the collective experience's of other owners to do the right things.
Welcome to!
Being from Reedville, you might be able to ID this fuel dock. :wink:

Esteemed fellow parker owner,
Fished out of Reedville last summer and tried my hand at the Northern Nech reef. Some good fishing down your way.

Welcome to virtual Parker nervana.

I would love to fish down that way. Have been in mid and upper Bay and the CBBT, but there is a lot of water between the Potomac and the CBBT I've never visited.

What is your favorite fishing down your way?
Glad to hear from other owners.
Yes, I do indeed recognize the gas docks at Buzzards Point Marina, the home of the Bluefish Derby, a good time for all. Although, I think they hold the tournament too early for good Bluefishing.
There is some great fishing down this way. Depending on the time of year I have my haunts. Last year the fall striper fishing haunted all of us, it was awful. Not only was fuel three dollars a gallon, there wasn't a fish to be had.
Charter Captains all headed to VA beach.
Whenever you are planning to come this way for some fishing, check in and will let you know what the Captain, my neighbor has to say.
I put the batteries in this weekend. New line on the reels. Baits are ready.
Wife is sympathetic that I've been couped up all winter.
What else can I say...
jagibbs3":ubltbvpo said:
Yes, I do indeed recognize the gas docks at Buzzards Point Marina, the home of the Bluefish Derby, a good time for all.

That is one of my favorite Parker photos... and I got it just by chance.
You might know these two 'Main Street' boats too...

Captain Ricks "Skill Saw One"...


Captain Daves "Shakedown"...


But... back to Parkers... If you've prowled around Buzzard Point Marina, you may know of this Sou`wester restoration. I'd love to know about the progress on this one. :wink:


Good to have you here!
Good to have you here Gary!
I have a few more photos of Reedville area Parkers, so you never know... I might have one of yours. :D

Welcome aboard!