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Jun 2, 2006
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Moss Beach CA
Greetings from San Francisco, smack in the middle of the Left Coast.

I am the original owner of a '99 2520 DV with a D-Tronic Merc Diesel and Bravo 3 outdrive. For many years I was the only Parker around. Now I see more and more of them, there is even a local dealer. I fish Salmon, Rockfish, Lingcod, Halibut, Crab and Tuna. I have 4 kids who fish with me. They are all Russian/Ukrainian, so my yet-unnamed boat should be something like, 'Gorky Parker' or 'Workers Paradise'. Some Slavic theme would work well.
The boat has had almost zero issues, the engine is another story, and it worries me quite a bit. Look forward to our exchanging of ideas and experiences.

Bill Gilchrist
Sup Bill? Been awhile. We last talked when I was looking at my rig back east before bringing it out here. As far as the Merc Diesels it's you, me, and some guy in SD out here with them. Whats going on with the Merc? Still having issues? Let me know. The only thing I ran into was a spun crank gear and sheared keyway. Bummer getting towed back 9 hours to Sandy Eggo in the middle of Tuner season last year. Other than that no problemo. I ended up finding a good wrench here in So Cal who does all the heavy stuff but I have the manuel and do the routine stuff myself.

Good to hear from you again! I actually don't have current major issues with the Diesel or the Outdrive. Just on-going maintenance, grinding off and repainting the cancer, and the feeding it's quirky hunger for ... alternator belts. I think I'm on # 12 or so. Long story, but it's much better now that I'm running the new belts (thx Buddy!).

The boat in SD is a 4 guy ownership deal. It's basically a sister boat to mine. They are Tuna ho's too. Most of the Diesel Parkers are East Coasters.

A Diesel Parker is a bus, period. Drives like one, sounds like one. Love the rumble, love the weight. I even like the big engine box -makes a nice table and place to sit.

See you around! How many hours on your boat? I'm about 1250.

Bill Gilchrist
Moss Beach, CA