Group 31 battery trays on a 2510 (2520) -- Full transom

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Feb 24, 2006
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Solomons Island, MD
I decided to replace my group 27 batteries with group 31. The group 31 batteries were about 1/2" too long to fit into the OEM battery trays. So...

I bought a couple of group 31 battery boxes and ran them through the table saw to create trays out of them. Left about 3/4" of a lip to keep the batteries from moving around--much like the OEM trays that were removed.

The four pics below document the project.

This should work on any 2520/2510 with the full transom.
I've come to learn that the position of the batteries can vary from model to model, and year to year.
Mine are located under the deck, on a shelf, and forward of the bilge pumps.
In this photo, you can see the shelf forward of the bilge pumps. It is higher in the hull than it seems. :)
Those bilge pump wires are going to the batteries.

Thanks! :D

My 'secret' is pretty simple.

When I come back to the dock, I give the boat a washdown with a combination or Orpine boat soap and Zep orange citrus cleaner in a 5gal bucket of water. Both soaps are eco-friendly, biodegradeable, and are excellent cleaners when mixed together.

After washing and rinsing the boat down, I'll occasionally toss whatever washwater is left in the bucket into the bilge (that is wash water you see there in that photo). That water agitates gently in the bilge (depending on wind and wave action) until the next time I go out.

Once I get the boat out of the no-wake zone in the creek and jump up on plane, the bilge pump does its thing and the bilge is squeeky clean once again. :wink:

No I didn't move them. They were mounted back in the full transom beneath the fishbox.

I have the same plate that Kevin has, but I'm glad they are not there. That plate is only a couple of inches above the lowest point of the bilge. If it ever flooded down there, the batteries would be toast.

Mine are up on the top of the deck on 2"x2" teak strips behind the false transom. That puts them about 2" above the deck, and about 18" above where Kevin's are mounted.
Very odd; your boat is a 2002 and so is mine but my batteries are in the bilge area. I like your set up better..

Kevin's are down in the bilge also. I wonder why Parker moves them around?

And yes...I prefer to have them up in the transom. Although, that makes for a shallow fish box. The newer Parkers have deeper fish boxes in the transom. I'll bet with the deeper boxes, the batteries have to be moved into the bilge.

Anyone got a newer 2510 or 2520 with the deeper fish box in the full transom? If so, where are your batteries?