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Mar 22, 2006
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Franktown, Virginia 23354
OK.... so we are a sick bunch..... I'll confess...

During the time this morning hitting the snooze alarm I had a dream...

For whatever reason my boat was being put up on blocks beside some body of water.... of course since it was a dream nothing was normal. There was some weird equipment they were using to pull the boat up on this slide device. Things weren't going well and there were problems. The next thing I know there is a terrible crash and splash and my boat is upside down in the water.......

I think this was stimulated by reading about a boat that capsized off of South Carolina.

I know you would understand the pain and trauma a dream like this can cause....

Thanks for being there....

That's it? That was the end of the dream?

Aww Richard,, c'mon, I figured you had something else like...

A.) They told you it was the only way to get the water out of your gas tank now that they are using Ethanol :shock:

B.) It was a Parker Factory QC test to make sure they put enough floatation foam in the hull. :?

C.) The EPA wanted to make sure your bottom paint didn't contain too much Copper. :roll:

D.) You have already exceeded your annual bag limit of stripers and it was the only way the DNR could cancel the rest of your season. :x

E.) Your pilothouse allowed you to grab an early start to the season, the rest of the guys at the marina wanted to slow you down a little... :D

Ok... there's two sick puppies... :shock:
I do like your creativity though. :wink: