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Dec 20, 2006
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Kent Island, Md
Hi everyone just wanted to say hi and say this site is great. My wife and I gave ourselves the best christmas present ever, A new 2120 Parker ! If only you could see the look on my 6 yr old boys face when that was in the driveway christmas morning. I do have one question, How do you keep the cabin from fogging up in the wet winter ? I put almost 16 hours on her and its great. I have had an 18 center console before this but this Parker rocks. Thanks
Welcome to the site and the Parker brotherhood. You'll find a load of good info here.

I have the same problem with my 2510 when I put up all the curtains in the winter. The moist air condenses out onto the curtains. I keep several towels on board to wipe them down every once in a while.

Where are you located?
I keep planning to mount a fan from the ceiling that will swivel, but I haven't gotten around to it. If you open the window slightly it will clear the condensation somewhat. This winter has been particularly bad with the unseasonably warm air temps and cold water temps. The fan would also be a welcome addition in the summer. Anyone out there have a good recommendation for a good brand/model?

By the way, congratulations on joining the "elite" club of 2120 0wners! You're gonna love this boat!
Welcome aboard to ClassicParker and congratulations on the boat! Man, what a surprise to see THAT parked in the driveway - woo hoo! Wish you had a photo of your boy's smile too :) !

Not sure if what I do would work in your climates, but here's what I do with my opening front and then 2 side windows. For the front, I unscrewed the 2 windows wingnuts all the way to the rear of the stud (designed so they won't come off), close the front widow, latch the wingnut behind the "U"-shaped holder and then open the window up against the wingnuts, then tighten the window slider arm knobs. This keeps the window opened a crack, but tight against the locking feature so someone couldn't force it open without causing damage.

On my side windows, I keep them open 1/4" or so and close the screens, as if it's one thing we have here in New England, it flies and bugs of all shapes and types.

Now if you see this photo below, you'll see I also mounted a low-profile dorade box to the cabin top. The hole thru the cabin top is about 3" diameter and it's just forward of the thicker mounting plate Parker adds to the interior roof line (on older boats) that adds stiffness for mounting items like heavy radar units.

Where I keep my boat on a mooring, the bow most often swings into the wind, so this keep a supply of fresh through the boat and I never get fogged windows. I also do use that Rain-X product made for INTERIOR glass to help prevent fogging and it works too, but only on glass type windows. One is SOL with side-plastic rollup windows ... as a clean rag is the only thing I've found that would work.

Another topic really, but I think boats need to ventilate and in addition to the dorade box I currently have mounted, 'some year' I'll add a solar-driven fan to the front hatch glass top, set to exhaust the ari, so the boat will have continual fresh air exchange and flow.

Thanks for all the great tips, a fan from the roof sounds like a great idea especially solar powered


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Be sure to get the Yamaha cover for that F150. It keeps it looking brand new. Your boat looks great -- It will look great for years to come. For some reason Parkers stay young looking compared to other brands.

Keep us posted with the mods and features you add.
Welcome aboard. Great site and helpful people. I also have the 2120SC, 2006 with the F150. Great boat! Just curious....did yours come with the shiny SS 141/4 by 16 prop or the black 133/4 by 17?

Now that is a Christmas present!
Congratulations!! :D

BTW - Did anyone else notice the new splash shield over the Orcas vent in that photo?
Mine should have them come spring time. :wink:
When I go to pick up my ride from Tri-State in a couple of weeks (annual servicing and winterization) I'll pick up two of those and install them before I splash in the Spring.

Wanna bet they break off after a while? The reason I went with the Orcas was because they were flush with the outside of the hull and wouldn't catch the dock like the old OEM vents did. By adding the 1/2" thick piece of cut/formed starboard, I end up with the same old problem.
For the heck of it I called Parker regarding the splash shields. The 2007s all have them but they are not retrofitting the previous years boats. They decided to add the covers because of some experience with boats in California. I couldn't get any more detail. Doesn't make sense to me. Location doesn't mater.

Parker went on to say that the vent hose rizes in a loop about 3 inches before going to the tank which should keep water out. But then why add the covers??? Local dealer said he didn't think the covers help but wouldn't hurt adding. I'll probably add them.

Congrats on the new 2120. I'm sure you and your family will have a blast with it.

I will add those vent covers to my list of things to do.

I can tell you some of us do have problems with water despite a 3 inch rise in the vent hose. I collect about 3 ounces of water for every 100 miles of offshore running.... it may be the way my hull and my boat are trimmed out but it is a fact!
someone asked abuot my prop, it came with the black one but i want to check the yamaha site for a good upgrade and keep mine as a spare. If anyone has a better prop let me know. My only options were the port flip up window and trim tab indicators. I am having a rocket launcher installed at its 20 hour service, went fishing and had no where for the big rods.

Just a quick word about the props on the 2120 with F150. Black steel is not necessarily a negative. Remove the prop and check the numbers inscribed inside. If it is the 13-3/4 X 17M you may want to test any "upgrade" before purchasing. My own testing revealed some differences between the preconceptions I had vs. actual performance. You may see my website for a more detailed discussion of this. My current prop allows good mid range control, acceptable hole shot, and a top end of 39 mph @ 5700 rpm. I am happy with it and have a 13-3/4 X 17 as a spare. It's performance is very similar.

Search for Yamaha props on eBay and you will find them new at a fraction of the cost. I bought mine for less than $100 each there... New!

This prop discussion concerning this boat/engine combo has been discussed many times before and I am not the last word on it by any means. Please do your own evaluations and testing. My effort is simply to help you with my own experiences. YMMV!

BTW, I use a specific Quicksilver marine grease on the prop shaft. It's green in color and is excellent.

Good luck!