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Feb 27, 2006
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Brooklyn, NY USA
I hauled my boat this weekend to install a thru-hull (pics to follow). I have some barnicles on my trim tabs and motor bracket. Any ideas how to get these off? :?:

I also took a pic of my prop and skeg. I hit a sand bar when I first got the boat. It looks terrible now. I'm thinking of getting a new prop and a full skeg guard now. The skeg is starting to look pitted. :cry:



Just scrape them off with a screwdriver or putty knife. They come off easy.

Then use a brass brush as finishing tough.

should consider an anitfouling in those areas.

Skeg looks OK.

Tabs: Yup, just paint the Lenco actuators with your anti-fouling paint. Bleach sprayed onto barnacles helps to remove them, I use 50-50 water/bleach in a sprayer, but only spray those areas with barnacles and that you will prep/paint over. Wash area thoroughly with water and then solvent wash (I use acetone).

OB: On the OB bracket, you could try the clear anti-fouling paint 'made for aluminum', but DO NOT put any anti-fouling paint with copper (cuprous oxide) on your OB.

You 'can' only if you do a 3-step method, add a metal etching primer, then a rubber 'tie coat' primer, and then your anti-fouling paint. To not do this would have the paint (copper) interact with the aluminum and with copper being more noble (remember the lesson in dis-similar metals??) the OB would be eaten away (oxidized).

Prop: No sweat, that's the Yam prop that's a low-grade SS that will oxidize. Clean with bronze wool (NEVER use steel wool anywhere on a boat) and paint with hard gloss black enamel spray paint.

Skeg: OK there too, no welding needed. To re-paint, sand with wet/dry paper to remove all signs of any 'white'. This would be aluminum oxidized or salt. Then wash with acetone. Then paint with zinc chromate etching spray paint. Many THIN coats are preferred over one or two thick coats. Then apply sandable primer if need to build up, then apply topcaot of OEM (Yam = expensive) or factory-match (Tempo) paint to match the color.

Simple stuff ...
Have watched my marina pull boats, and if they hit the barnacles with high-pressure water while still in the crane/lift, they peel right off, leaving only a gray spot. Once they dry out, they are like concrete.
So WTF is wrong with my marina? Should I complain? It is like concrete. I went there last night and hit it with a screwdriver a few times.
96TL":3krdtm3v said:
So WTF is wrong with my marina? Should I complain? It is like concrete. I went there last night and hit it with a screwdriver a few times.
Huh? Explain ... 'what' is like concrete? Too late now, but I wudda painted the tab cylinders before dunkin' the boat.
Sorry for not being clear, I was heading out the door when I typed that. I meant the barnacles are like concrete. My dealer prepped and painted the boat for me. It’s my fault for assuming they knew what they were doing. I didn’t know the motor bracket and tabs would foul this much. I’ve noticed recently that my gas mileage went down a bit, this is probably why. If I leave the barnacles and drop it in the water until December will they soften up again?
Yes, but they'll grow more too. When like concrete, I chip them off with a screwdrive, putty knife, or similar tool.