Have you ever wondered why forum threads get stale quickly?

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Feb 16, 2006
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Lewes, DE
Have you ever wondered why some forum threads seem to get 'stale' quickly?

"Statistical physicists working in the US and Hungary have found that the number of people reading a particular news story on the web decreases with time by a power law, rather than exponentially as was previously thought. The finding has implications for the study of information flow in social networks, marketing and web design."

Original article can be found here:

Scintilating discussion and thoughtful insight can be found here:
http://science.slashdot.org/science/06/ ... 6216.shtml
So ... if I didn't reply to this ... it too would go stale ... and by when :?: ?
According to PhysicsWeb, "The average half-life of a news item is just 36 hours, or one and a half days after it is released." :shock:

Leave it to those wacky Physicists to quantify trends in web surfing... :D