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Mar 5, 2006
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Fall River, MA
I uncovered a couple "potential" issues while starting my projects. I took the deck hatch off and discovered the plywood cut was left raw, unprotected and has become pretty wet. Also I noticed an electrical bus bar tucked up tight to the underside of the deck/bulkhead that did not look in the best of shape. I may post pics later.
Were you able to snag some pics? Where is the unprotected edge? Was it at the large rectangular hatch to the bilge or one of the plates over the fuel tank?

Are you sure it is unprotected? Resin can soak into an edge and look like there is nothing there. However, there is a layer that soaked into the surface.
Sorry forr the lack of pics, I've yet to return to the boat to resume working. 2002 2510 dv. Undoubtedly unprotected and wet. I'm talking about the rectangular cutout, your bilge access hatch, on the deck.
I would think that on a 2002 that the exposed wood would have been coated in epoxy.
I'm planning or replacing my bilge hatch this season as well, so we'll see if a 1996 model was sealed 10 years ago. :)

Any recommendations on a quality replacement bilge deck hatch that won't leak? :)
I jumped up in my 2510 MV this morning and mine is fine. I reached back in all directions and everything is dry and hard, it does feel like there a coating on the wood.

I actually had a discussion with Robin before I bought my boat and she told me the deck is coated on the underside because of previous rot issues. The reason I asked her is because I knew a fiberglass repair shop and they told me they had replaced decks in older Parkers because of rot.