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Dec 12, 2006
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Breezy Point, NY
I am 32 years old and I own a 07 2320 DVSC. One of my previous Parkers was a 2120 DVSC. I dont have a pic of the boat yet due to the boat being up on blocks and covered. I just purchased the boat in September. I think this website is great, perfect place to ask questions and get advice. So lets gets sdtarted, first question of the day. When I took delivery of the boat (no electronics) I was not that familiar with the waterways. So anyway I missed my channel and scraped the skeg (lower unit) on the bottom. No major damage except for the paint being rubbed off. Any suggestions on repairing/painting. Here is a pic of my 2120 the day the dealer picked it up.


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Welcome, 072320dvsc

Your Yamaha dealer can sell you the paint. Although fairly expensive it comes in a spray can and is therefore easy to use. Make sure to use a primer undercoat.

Yeah I know, I did the same thing. :oops:
Welcome aboard ClassicParker 072320dvsc :!:
It's good to see another Chesapeake Bay Parker represented here.

As for the primer, Tri-State should have that in addition to the touch-up paint.
Sand, degrease, and prep as you would for any touch-up and repair.

I'm guessing the 2320 is already under wraps in the Tri-State storage yard?
Mine is in there too. :wink:
I live in Breezy Point New York. Not too far away. I would guess Tri state is in Maryland. Anywhere else you can point me to.
Also what grit sandpaper? I work right next door to a auto body shop. Most of the stuff I would need is pretty much at my fingertips except for paint. :roll:
I'd use 100 to 120 or so to prep. Make sure to REMOVE all traces of "white" anywhere near where the paint was removed, as that would indicate salt build-up.

My method would be to solvent wash (remove any wax) sand and remove any "white", solvent wash, coat with a few THIN coats of zinc-chromate primer, then sandable primer, let dry, then sand with fine sandpaper, solvent wash, and then coat with topcoat. Again, I prefer many THIN built-up coats of spraypaint then 1 or 2 heavy ones.

I find that the thinner coats bond better to the parent material. Also read and follow the instructions verbatim on the zinc (etching primer) in regards to when another coat may be applied, though this also applies to all paints ;) .
072320dvsc":1qtbljg3 said:
I live in Breezy Point New York. Not too far away. I would guess Tri state is in Maryland. Anywhere else you can point me to.

Oops! :oops:
I failed to notice the NY in your post.

We have a Breezy Point down here too, not very far from the local Chesapeake Parker dealer. :D

Sorry, but I'm not sure where your closest Yamaha dealer might be.
Can that body shop get you the paint?
Daleh. Thanks for the great info. That looks like it should work. :eek:

I did add New York into my profile so there is no confusion. I asked the spray guys at the body shop and the only paint they could supply for me is automotive. I tried LOLOL

Thanks again. :D
Welcome aboard to you too ParkerSal. Very nice here in Breezy. Right next to the water. Does not get too much better. Hope to see you soon offshore. I will eventually post a pic of the new Parker once I get the tarp off of it. Cabin Fever already and it is only December. What really is killing me is the fact that the motor has only 10 hrs on it so I needed to pull it out to do the entire 10 hr service. Cheaper to pull it out and leave it out. LOL. Take care. :)
Welcome aboard. I'm from Brooklyn and fish in J-Bay all the time. Good luck with the new rig. And don't sweat the skeg. I did the same thing in Winhole Channel in the back of J-Bay.

Tight channel + very large police vessel heading my way + nervous boater with new rig = running aground. :lol:

Thankfully it was just sand/mud and no rocks, so the damage is just cosmetic. I'm adding a skeg guard to it this spring.

See you on the water in a few months. Give me a shout if you see me out there. We're usually in the Marine Pkwy Bridge area or near the Breezy jetty.

I hate the Winhole channel. Too tight no room for error. If I do see you out there i will stop by to say hi. Anyway that wont be for a couple of months. Where do you dock your boat? The boat/name looks familiar.
Yep. I frequent Bay End often for oil etc..... They painted the bottom on my 21 dvsc last year. Take care see you out on the water soon.
Finally get a pic of boat up here. Kills me to see boat on land. Just a couple more weeks......... Would anyone be able to recommend which type of transducer would be better. I am purchasing a Raymarine C series and I have an option of transom mount or through hull. I have only had experience with transom mounts. Installation is not an issue. I was just wondering about which transducer might be better. Thanks.


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072320dvsc":3bsvztci said:
Would anyone be able to recommend which type of transducer would be better.

I replaced my Airmar P79 transom mount transducer for an Airmar 'tilted element' through-hull last year, and I can certainly recommend it.
(that's it on the left of the photo)


This is where I bought mine.
http://www.byownerelectronics.com/store ... t=0&page=1
A skeg with paint rubbed off would be a badge of honor down here in the Ches. Bay. Can't chase stripers and trout unless you are willing to get "skinny" once in a while. :D :D :D

I have a ducer...mounted on a piece of 6"x3"x3/4" starboard, which is screwed and glued with 5200 to the transom. I'll see if I can find a pic of it around here.
A skeg with paint is a skeg that has not been used enough....

Also.. .I have to apologize for something.

While admiring you aluminum wheels I used.... uh.. stole your picture... and posted it here....

http://www.thehulltruth.com/forums/thre ... 9#M1399120

In the process there have been some remarks about Urban Parkers and potholes and.... well... you have to see for yourself.

OBTW who makes your wheels?


Richard the picture thief...