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In Agreement

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Mar 8, 2006
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Berea, KY/ Cross, SC
Hi Folks,

My name is John, married and have one teenage daughter.

I'm currently on the fence as to which to go with, a Parker or a Grady. Recieved some answers from Robin today about the 2310 that I had asked about. Slowly slipping over to the Parker side as the fishability of the boat seems to be more suited to what I do. The wife and daughter only go occasionally, mostly a guys outting and this seems to be a roomy fishing boat that will still give the privacy the girls need.

A very spartan boat that has major customization potential as I see fit.

Have gotten some input from some of the guys off THT that have these boats and all has been favorable.

Look forward to getting info from you guys that will further my confidence that this boat will suit my needs.

Ride in one and you will know instantly whether it is for you. Same goes for the GW. Both great boats. You already have a handle on what the differences are. Realize there are many decisions to make and not nearly enough experience to be 100 percent sure about your choices. Sometimes just sitting in the boat can give you enough of a gut reaction to help push you one way or the other. Then it becomes a question of options/accessories.

"Oh, please don't throw me in that briar patch!"

Enjoy the search and take your time. Welcome to the forum!
Being a transplanted Kentuckian I was wondering if you plan on using your Parker on Herrington Lake, Lake Cumberland or are you going to keep the boat in South Carolina. I run a 25' Parker Sport Cabin on the Chesapeake Bay with a 250 hp Yamaha 4 stroke hanging off the back. The parker boat will take anything you want and probably more if you can stand it form Mother Nature. If you plan on using you boat on the fresh water lakes in your area I am sure you will have the best riding boat on the pond. In my opinion Parker makes the best fishing boat and Grady White makes a good boat for the fishing family (women and kids). I prefer functionality to pretty. Heck I had my boat 2 years before my wife saw it as she doesn't do water or boats at all unless there is a pool onboard and a little feller bringing drinks around with umbrellas in them. Good luck with your decision and welcome aboard. Saw Robin last week at the Washington, DC boat show, nice lady and good family. Make the plunge for Parker and you won't be disappointed.
Welcome aboard In Agreement!
As Ranger Tim said... both are great boats, but if you just sit in the cockpit for awhile and imagine yourself fishing... we feel pretty confident you'll like the Parker.

Poke around through the introduction posts looking for other owners who have 23CC's, 2310's and 2320's so you will get a feel for how those owners use their boats. You might just see something that strikes your fancy.

Good luck with your dilemma. It's a good dilemma to have. :wink:

I have the 2510. Fell in love with the big cockpit and the spartan (easy to clean, less to mold/mildew) very functional layout.

I originally wanted the 2520 (Sport Cabin), but the Admiral said it gave her clostephobia (sp?) and looked too much like the "Perfect Storm" boat. So she walked across the Tri-State Marine showroom and pointed out what she really liked--the Grady 272 Islander. She didn't want to be closed in, but be able to feel the wind in her face. But it was too fancy and had lots of carpet, headliner, curtains, and other cushies that would not lend themselves to easy maintenance.

So...I took her back across the showroom floor to a Parker 2510. We compromised. She got the more open "wind in her face" layout, and I got my large fishing cockpit and spartan easy to clean surfaces.

BTW, the Admiral only goes on the boat about 2-3 times a year. What a waste it would have been to spend all that money on cushies for 2-3 times a year. Did some internet research, and discovered that the vast majority of Admirals have the same desire for cushies, and the same behavior of only showing up on the boat a few times a year. In other words...it is a guy's thing.

Take her input, but get the boat that will suit your needs 90% of the time and her needs for the rest.

As was said before, where will you be using the boat?
Thanks for the input so far.

As some have asked, the boat will be used pretty much exclusive in South Carolina. I fish Santee-Cooper for the big cats and am really interested in the saltwater world of fishing. I have never saltwater fished but figured this boat would be a good platform to do both and still keep me happy on Santee.

Capt. Morgan, My current boat lives in the barn out of the weather untill it's next trip to SC. Cumberland is to crowded on the weekends with basically the whole state of Ohio on it. Herrington is pretty much a cruising lake or bass fishing lake.

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