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Feb 25, 2006
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Cedar Key, FL
I've been a Parker owner for 3 years now and I have followed these Parker boards for almost 4 years. I don't post very often but I read regularly and have learned a lot from other owners. Thanks to the people who keep this going.

I have a 2002 2520DVSC with a notch and a single SX250. We have killed a lot of Gulf of Mexico grouper on the "Melinda Jean" and I have nothing but good things to say about these boats.


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Interesting cocpit top. You have it made down south? I like it a lot. If you have more pictures of it please post? Thanks and Welcome aboard...

Sal, I bought the boat from Big Bend Marine in Perry, FL (near Keaton Beach on the Gulf coast). The top was built by a company right across the highway from BBM but I don't recall their name. I will post some pics for you later. I'll have to take some.
Sal, I took a few pics of the cockpit top today. The builder is Gulf Coast Fabricators, ph# 904-584-5979. Here are some pics. There is an anodized aluminum channel that mounts on the PH top. The canvas has a vinyl piece sewn to the front edge of it that interlocks with the aluminum channel. They do nice work.


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The pictures are great; thanks so much for going through the trouble!

Looking to either copy your setup, or this other one that I am about to post, which I saw on a Parker for sale in Virginia. Do you like your setup, or have any regrets?


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One thing I would change is the position of the legs. When fishing 6 people the leg is kind of in the way for the center person on each side. We usually fish two behind the leg and one in front so I think I would move the legs forward about a foot or so to give everyone equal space. If you go with the setup you show there I would close off the space between the cabin roof and the cockpit top because when you have to run a long distance in a good head sea you will get plenty of spray coming over the top of the cabin. We usually run about 40 miles out to fish and I like to keep everyone dry. Six people in the cabin gets crowded and stuffy pretty quick when the weather is bad and all the windows are closed.

The top in your picture looks good and the legs look like they are positioned pretty well IMHO.