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Feb 26, 2006
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Norfolk, VA N 36 57 W 76 10
I finally found my Parker. Been looking since December when I sold my Kencraft. It is a 1994 2520 MVSC with a Yamaha 225. It has low hours and is in excellent condition.
Should be picking up in the very near future.
Megabyte, thanks for the information on the boat up by you. Although I didn't get that one, i am sure it will sell soon!

Joe - Best of luck with your new rig. I am sure it will provide many years of good use. Use in the best of health.
Greetings Floundermeister.....

If you can't find any flounder over your side.... come on over to the Eastern Shore.... they are everywhere!

Welcome to virtual Parker nervana.

I'm headed your way in about 3-4 years once both boys are in college. Will be moving to Williamsburg or Chesapeake or further So. over the NC border. Can't wait to get permanently assigned to some of the best fishing grounds in the Mid Atlantic region.