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Mar 6, 2006
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Hello from Ocean Isle Beach, NC. Name is Matt. Boat is 'Mac Solo,' a 1985 25 Sou'wester with a 2005 F250. This boat is new to me as of March 2005. So far I've repowered with the F250, and replaced all gauges, electronics, and every inch of wire on the boat. My to do list includes a new t-top, replace the swivel seats with a leaning post, and paint the entire hull, inside and out, with Interlux Perfection.

I have limited myself to a 20 mile range so far until I develop the trust I need to travel farther from shore with her. Been targeting kings, mahi, and cobia. Pretty much anything that will eat a pogie. The past year has gone well so for the coming year I will be extending my range to about thirty miles and hoping to add a few species to my kill list, including wahoo, tuna, and grouper.
Our first Sou`wester :!:


I've been waiting to see one show up here. :wink:
Your mission now, should you wish to accept it, is to satisfy our need for 'boat porn' and post some photos. :D

Welcome aboard :!:
Hey Matt I have to agree with Capt Kevin on the need for pix you can't just tease us we all get enough of that from our ladies. Capt Brad
I will try to post a few pics tonight. My hull was produced during the name change transition period. The logo, which was badly deteriorated when I purschased the boat and has since been replaced with the newest style logo, was a combination of the current logo design and the old design. The Parker with the red bow graffic with a small Sou'wester just above the "arker" in Parker. I'm sure you know it. I'm kind of new to the boat restoration game and just wanted to replace it with something quickly. I will go to the trouble of having someone detail paint the original logo in the future after I have done my painting project.
ParkerSal":22ujri5i said:
Welcome aboard Mac; I think I recognize you from THT. Tell us about your name?

Yep. I recognize you as well. I spend lots of time on THT. I actually found out about this site from a thread over there.

As far as the name goes, which one are you referring to? "Mac Solo," the name of our Parker, was stolen from my mother's horse. My father and I actually have two other boats, a 14 and a 17 McKee, and when we were looking for something a little bigger this past spring, my father had to promise mom that she could pick the name of the boat if he was going to go in on it with me.

My screen name is also the name of the first boat I ever owned. Years ago my father made the comment that the original sin was committed when he turned me on to fishing as a young kid. After that, it was all over. The name stuck.
I'll try a few pics now.


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I know of a 2520 I/O located at the town dock in Charlestown MD that has the 'transition' Parker Sou`wester logos on it. It sits across from my brother-in-laws 22 Grady.

Next time I'm up there I'll try to get a close-up of the old logo in case you want to have one made. :wink:
I actually own 2 sets of Sou`wester reproduction logos that were made from the photo you see above.
Megabyte":2rwaw3qc said:
I know of a 2520 I/O located at the town dock in Charlestown MD that has the 'transition' Parker Sou`wester logos on it. It sits across from my brother-in-laws 22 Grady.

Next time I'm up there I'll try to get a close-up of the old logo in case you want to have one made. :wink:
I actually own 2 sets of Sou`wester reproduction logos that were made from the photo you see above.

That would be great. Thank for the offer. My long term goal is to restore the boat to its original like-new condition. As I mentioned above I am planning to do a complete paint job and will have someone do the logo professionally if I can find a good reproduction of it.
This is a BoatPix image that was taken as I ran up the beach on July 2, 2005 in search of pogies to use for bait during the Jolly Mon King Classic out of OIB. I'm at the wheel along with my brother, a cousin and a friend. That was actually the day that the 200hp Mariner that was on her began to act up which eventually resulted in burning up a piston a few weeks later.

In this photo I have not yet done much work to her. Since then I have repowered with the F250, replaced the e-box and all electronics, taken off one of the down riggers, and I'm now working on removing the rest of the bottom paint and reglassing/re gel-coating the storage boxes in the rear corners of the deck. My wife and I have a baby due in June so I figure most of the summer will not see much fishing action so I have made plans to put her on jacks in the back yard and repaint every square inch of the hull, inside and out.

I'll post more pics as I come across them. I have recently purchased a new computer and wound up transferring all of my old image files into one folder so I've had to sort through literally tens of thousands of images to find anything so far.


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Thanks. You should see it now that the bottom paint has been removed and the buff job is done. Once I replace the rubrail you will not be able to tell the hull is a day over five years old. Unless you know what you're looking for that is.

I'll post pics later tonight when I get home.

Looks like one great fishing machine. They are a labor of love though. I'm in the process of restoring the woodie (link in my signature), and just can't seem to find enough time to restore on and fish/maintain the other.
Did you get a new rubrail? If so, where'd you get it and what was the cost? How tough was it to remove and reinstall? I'd love to replace mine, it's so scuffed up and bad looking. But of course, it's been doing it's job. However, I think 24 years is coming to the end of it's lifespan.
Neckbone... Take a look in the "Projects" section over on http://www.classicmako.com/

I know that I've seen owners who have documented replacing the rub rails, and I'd bet there isn't too much difference between the Mako and Parker rub rails.

As for a source of supply, check out the links resource that Warthog5 posted. The admin made it a sticky. :wink:

If you don't find what you're looking for, try a search or ask the question in the projects forum http://www.classicmako.com/forum/default.asp
Like here, the guys over there are respectful and willing to help with project boats of all kinds.

Good luck!
Haven't done anything to the rub rail yet. I have a few other things going right now that I want to finish first.
Welcome Original Sin, Recognize your name from THT. My wife and I spent a week down at Ocean Isle about 2 years ago in March. That's a beautiful area and I envy you. We walked those beaches for hours everyday after breakfast collecting shells and fossils. Plus you guys don't have to travel 75 miles to get out close to the gulf stream like we do up here in the NE. The locals we met were very freindly and alot of them were from up north and went there once and decided to pack their bags and move on down. I can understand why.