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Nov 25, 2006
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Hello all! I live in the Virginia Beach area, avidly fish the Va Bch area and am the proud new owner of a 25 foot Parker sport cabin. I am very happy to have found a board full of Parker enthsiasts..... mostly because I have a lot of questions and this seems like the right place to find some answers.

First, I need to purchase a trailer so that I can drive to New Jersey and pick the beast up. Can anyone recommend a trailer make and model? I'm considering the Load Rite 25T7400EB2.

Second. Can somebody help me identify the correct model? (see pic) . The year is 1988 and as far as I can tell its a 2520 Sports cabin.

I have a many plans for this boat so I expect you'll be seeing quite a bit of me online. Nice to mmet ya!


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Welcome aboard to ClassicParker !

Now I don't trailer much, if any (try to only go 100' in and 100' out ;) ) but I have a ~7000 pound full roller trailer and I think it is marginal, if not too low, but again - I do not trailer on the road at all - riverside storage only.

First off is weight capacity. Remember, you need to ADD the weight of the trailer itself to the maximum towing capacity of the trailer and a suitable trailer could be 1400 pounds at a minimum.

Second, when I looked at trailers, while I couldn't pass up the deal onthe one I got, I only did so because of my limited trailering. I did note that the higher capacity trailers had many more rolers than mine, I think they use at least 64, mine only has just over 50, I think 52. 64+ would support the hull better.

Hopefully others will chime in as you might stringly consider an aluminum I-beam trailer using torsion suspension. Brakes are another matter - but I cannot help as I don't even use them! Also, you'll need oversized towing permits for your State(s) and a suitable towing vehicle, more so for stopping such a heavy rig!

Yes, I believe that's the standard 2520 which is the 14-degree deadrise version.

VERY nice boat, looks cool tricked out like that and I love the sampson post or bollard up front. I added one too!

Welcome ... hope my post stirs up some useful conversation and input for you :) .
I know that boat! It is 1/2 mile down the road from me. Welcome aboard, and remember, that New Jersey has a Parker Removal law, that states that any Parker removed from the Garden State must be replenished; it's kind of like that tree replanting law. I suggest an 18' Parker, as it would be cheapest for you to buy and restock New Jersey with. As a public service I can take delivery for the state at my dock. :D

Looking forward to your questions.


My boat is currently in the VA Beach area...on a trailer. If you don't buy a trailer, and can't get anyone else to help you, give me a b-mail. If you purchase the towing permits for the 9'6" wide boat, and arrange for a place to drop her, I'd be willing to put my boat in a slip for a few days, run up to NJ to get the boat, and bring here back down to VA Beach.

Remember though that we can only travel with a permit load during day-light hours during the weekday (can't be a weekend). I may be in Los Angelos for 2-3 weeks during December, so any retrieval would probably have to wait for Jan.
I was, until Friday, in the same prediciment. I have a '90 2520 w/ a Volvo D4 I/O. It was purchSED ON A 7400 LB. Loadmaster w/bunks. Trailer is too small for a loaded boat. Broke 1 axle and have been through two sets of bearings since June. i purchased a 10,400 lb Rolls trailer. Bronze brakes on both axles. Two spares and hubs. Including tax was $6,482.34. Kind of pricey, but everthing, save bearings and pads, is covered by lifetime warranty. Sure tows nicer. Good lck
Cool boat Bart_Man!
... but then, I'm partial to those fire boats. :D

That boat is a 2520 MVSC with twins on a bracket and a fire pump.
If I were towing that rig, I'd want a 9,500 to 10,500 capacity trailer in order to tow her safely. She is a portly old girl, so don't skimp.

If I were buying new, I'd opt for a 10,000# bunk trailer with torsion axles, Kodial stainless disc brakes on both axles, and all stainless hardware as a minimum...

I'd get other options as well, but those are the things that will carry her home safely.

As for the fire pump... if it is in good shape, it's worth saving (or selling). Those things are not cheap! :shock:

Congratulations, and welcome to ClassicParker !