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May 28, 2006
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I have been considering the 2320 SL amoung the few choices remaining on my short list and wanted to drop by to say hello and read about some pros and cons.
I have got to admit that over the past couple of days waiting for my access code that I have been drooling over some of the pics here.
I read on a post here that the roof on the 23 SC was lowered at some point. When was the last year before the drop? Why do you suppose Parker decided to decrease headroom?
For the Parker owners that have considered (seatrialed) Steigers, why do you choose the Parker?

Nice to be here. It seems to be a great site with alot of proud owners.
Oh, one more thing. Why so many 25's for sale? Is it that there are just so many out there? Trailerability issues? Perhaps realizing that a 23 would suffice? Just curious.

Hey Steve.

25's much more prevalent than the 23's.

I shopped the Steiger 25 Chesapeake and the 23 Steiger also, sea trialed them From Baywood Marina in Barnegat Bay. Great boats. Nice Marina too. The pilothouses are much more substantial on the Parkers; you can't stand atop the 25 Chesapeake pilot house, let alone put a tower on. But the ride is sweet, especially with the Honda 225 I tried it with. I could have easily chose the Steiger 25 Chesapeake if the deal was right.

I got what I consider a good deal on a Parker 2520SL, with the power I wanted.

The 2320SL is close to the 2520SL in price; a tad cheaper. It has a 21 degree deadrise, and not the 16 degree, and it is narrower, and has a closed transom. I picked the 2520SL, as I wanted the extra room, and a more stable platform at drift and at anchor. If you want a smoother ride in chop, go 2320SL.
Sal summed it up pretty well Steve.
You will see more 25's on the used market because Parker has built more of them, over a longer period of time than the 23's.

When I started looking, the Steiger and Eastern/Judge were at the top of my list because I wanted an open-back pilothouse. In my case, I got lucky and found a Parker 2520 with the open-back option (pretty rare for a 1996 model), so I jumped on it.

My boat actually came with a trailer, but there was no way my Jeep was going to pull her, and a new truck wasn't in the budget, so I opted to wet slip her and sell the trailer. If you decide to trailer, you'll need a pretty stout tow vehicle as these are heavy, well-built boats.

Welcome to ClassicParker, and good luck in your hunt! :)
Thanks Sal.
Coincidentally, I tried sending you a message last night on your site.
Beautiful boat!
Are you comfortable with the port side bench seating?
I am concerned that a passenger would not be able to see ahead without standing.
Any pros or cons on the bench?

I am looking for an open back as well.
Trailerability is an issue for me. I am sold on the 23' rather than the 25 for trailerability but I want p&s captains chairs.

Has anyone done business with White Water out of Sayville, LI?

Got out on Raritan today in my puddle jumper and was teased by a 23 cruising by.
They sure do look nice on the water.
I have the 2510 right now and love it. It is stable at anchor and drift and can handle some atrocious water. But...my flyfishing habit is starting to influence my boating choices. I'll probably drop to a 23 DV CC one of these days. The 23 is a bit narrower so I don't need towing permits to take her out of the marina. The DV will give my old back a softer ride, and the CC will give me more room for a backcast. The 25 is one sweet boat, but the 23 is on my list. :D :D :D
I like the port bench for a couple of reasons: 1) passenger can use it as a couch, 2) two people (three in a pinch) can ride out of the weather, 3) built-in storage is nice. I think I will be customizing the storage bin with drawers at some point.

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