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Mar 5, 2006
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Fall River, MA
I have twin 2002 200 hpdi on a parker 2510. The port motor seems to be loading up. As I plow through the waves the engine cuts out/sputters when I come off of or plow into a wave or chop. Say I'm cruising @ 3800 as I was tonight. Seas 3' and sloppy the port momentarily drops to 2200, 2400, 2000 then back up, into the next wave and down again. The problem does not occur under smooth riding conditions, only when its rough. They start and idle smoothly, burn oil and gas and virtually the same rate. There was no water in my fuel. Just left over $1000 at the dealers to cure this and what I'm left with is an empty pocket. Engines were decarbed, plugs changed, filters changed, O2 serviced, electrical checked, laptop said there are/were no codes present, compression fine on both. I have no idea what it might be. Any thoughts are much appreciated. Thanks
rather be fishin'
Same fuel tank or separate source? Actually, duh ... I just answered my own question as my Parker has 2 fuel pick-ups mounted on the 1 tank, designed for 2 motors. Sorry, got to sleep on the boat @ 11pm and woke up @ 1am to fish eels for stripers - beat ...

Pull your fuel pick-up from that motor. Simple, look on the top of the tank, you'll see that fuel line go to a fitting that's screwed into a roughly square block that is on top of the tank. Remove the fuel line from that end. Get 2 wrenches sized to fit that block and hold them 180 degrees apart. Apply equal torque and remove that square block. It is attached to the fuel pick-up. Check it, and if it has a screen ... remove it.

Now also check to see if their is an anti-siphon valve on that block, as they can crud up too, see here.
Durn it ... non-VST guy here and was hoping TomS would chime in ... sounds like check that first ...
Thanks for your replies. It seems as though the vsts were in fact the culprit. Unfortunately, ts Beryl put a crimp on this weekends fishing plans. Thanks again.
Glad to hear it worked out so far.. the VST is kind of a hassle to get to, but once its opened up its an easy fix.

-- Tom
Not for nothin' but a friends 2510 with twin hpdi went down Sunday with very similar problems to my own. Sounds like the ethanol s really messing things up!
I had my 3rd VST filter take a poop on me yesterday 3 in a year. So much for the 10 micron yamaha filter, the startron additive, the ring free, and running the boat every few days. Ethanol is wearing on my nerves and pockets, motor is a 2002 200hp ox66 I am glad i am able to do it myself otherwise I would be broke!