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Feb 23, 2006
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Isle of Palms, SC/Fairfax, VA
For the first time I noticed it. Under my boat, on the hull, on the port side, near the centerline, about 8 inches in from the transom, just behind the inside trailer roller is a small (about 4 inches in diameter) half round "dome" sticking down about 2 inches. It has slots on the front.

I need to take a picture because it is hard to describe, but I thought someone might know what it is.

That's the intake strainer/pick-up for your raw water to feed a washdown or livewell. On the inside in the location should be a seacock with a lever handle to have it open or closed.

Raw water washdown intake? Open your rear bilge hatch and see if there is a ballcock shutoff on the "other" side of the feature you are describing.


I stare at mine every weekend when I swim up from the bottom to climb back aboard. Every weekend I say to myself "Ya' know, you never use that intake, and never will. You really should remove it, and seal it up before the ballcock leaks one day and you will regret it" I exercise the ballcock throughout the year just so it doesn't sieze up on me, but it bugs me all season long.

I just happen to have a photo... :lol:

I always wondered how you kept your bilge so squeaky clean!

Now the truth is revealed. Sat night is bath-time for Kevin's bilge! :shock:

Looks like a load of Mr. Bubble down there. :oops:
Drat! My secret is out. :D
Its a combo of Orpine boat soap and Zep orange citrus cleaner.

After I scrub the boat down, I toss my left-over wash water in the bilge where it gently agitates until the next time I go out and jump on plane... When I do, the bilge pump empties everything.

Keeps the bilge fresh and clean... :)