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Mar 6, 2006
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Outer Banks, NC
Hey Folks, I finally found this board I heard about on the Hull Truth thanks to Tara11. I run a 2510 out of the Oregon Inlet area for just about anything from offshore to Puppy’s (which is easy with a 12” draft).
But mostly I have it set up with a custom tower for Cobia. BTW, I’ve also owned two GW’s, a Hydra sport , and a few others. The Hydra sport was a better boat than the GW’s by far, but nothing I have owned has pleased me as much as the Parker. :lol:
Thanks Ranger, Now if I could just figure out the picture thing on this site I could post some nice pictures! I click browse and click the picture in there but it keeps telling me "there is no file" HELP!! and yes I have resized them to meet the guide lines. and your right I'm going to like this site and aready see a few posters that I can help out if I can get the photo's in here, but I'll keep trying Cya
I do believe that is the first 2510 I have ever seen with a upper station. Who built it for you? Also, what year is your boat - looks fairly new??

Nice looking rig 8)
Fishinwuf, A company in Wanchese Harbor called Harbor Welding built it for me. There are a number of guys around there that as you may know can built a boat. If you'd like some names and numbers let me know.
The boat is a 2004 and I now consider it potty trained. I hope!
Sure am enjoying this site looking at all the projects going on.

Wow! That Parker with that tower makes it look like a pocket express battlewagon ... in the Ablemarle or Carolina Skiff kind of look. VERY nice!