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PaulH / Emily S

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Sep 28, 2006
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Freeport, NY
I run the Emily S from Freeport NY, a 1995 25' 2520DVSC with 250HP Yamaha. Look forward to participating on this site. More PICS to follow........


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Welcome aboard!

Sweet pocket battlewagon, looks like you're missing NOTHING ... though that bait cutting board must be tough to use up there ;) .

Hey ... what's that pulley thingy :?: on your starboard rear side of the helm cabin? Coiled rope for when you fish on the "ball" ?
Dale - 10" Electra-Dyne Pot hauler handles the twin anchors. Everything is done from the cockpit.

PS - That's a handy place for the cutting board when not in use.


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Cockpit work center has a 40 gal live well, seating, cutting board, storage, rod holders and most importantly ....drink holders .....


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I'm impressed. :)
But I have to ask... why twin anchors?

BTW - You get extra points for posting photos! :D
Welcome aboard! 8)
Why two anchors ? You guys must have it easier than me.

The reason is to PRECISELY anchor on a wreck or other structure.
Awesome setup! Finally someone else who feels the need for the double anchor configuration, I thought I was the only one!

Question - Where does your remaining anchor line run after being tied off to the cleats on the starboard side next to the winch?

Also, did you build that tackle/bait cutting station yourself? If not, where was it done? It looks awesome!
I have a 2520XL (The Endless Summer II), also out of Freeport. The Emily S looks like it is set-up PERFECTLY ! ! ! I am trying to do something similar to what you have with center bait station/storage/cutting board. Would you mind if I come and take a look at your boat to get some more ideas? If it is ok, is there a number I can call you at.
P.S. - Double anchor required for good blackfishing ! ! Just took my boat our last week.....BEST blackfishing season ever ! ! ! !
Thanks all for the complements.

Endless, sent you a PM.

Seabear, the line goes in two orange bushel basket that sit right behind the pilot house. They can be moved around as necessary, even fit under the back of the tackle center thingy. Each orange bushel basket holds 900' of 3/8 line. Yes, I built the tackle center thingy myself out of 3/4" starboard. Hard to come up with a name, it's a rigging station, live well, seat, etc, etc. Many have told me it makes a great boat even better and I must agree it was well worth the effort.
I've designed and cut the plywood panels for a tackle station. It will attach behind the starboard helm seat. Next job is to build a tackle storage and tackle station that will replace the storage box on which the port helm seat is mounted. Your design gives me some ideas.
Just viewed your work station. Wow, what a nice functional design, and workmanship I might add.
Any chance of getting some rough measurements?
I would like to add something like this to my boat.
Also, I noticed the mooring buoy. Is this for assisting with anchor hangup?
If so, what is the technique for using this device, and how is it rigged?Thanks in advance for any info, and welcome to "The Site".