Hip electronic guru advice sought regarding IPOD

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Feb 17, 2006
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Normandy Beach, NJ
I have read Glen's excellently documented articles on hard wiring a Clarion amp/speaker/ipod jack on a center console. I suppose I would do that as a last resort in my sportcabin.

However I like things even more simple, so.....

Does anyone know of, and can recommend, battery powered speakers to just lay on my sportcabin dash which I can just plug AN IPOD into ?
I just bought a cheap stereo from Bestbuy for my boat. $89, 200 watts total, CD, AM/FM and it came with an I-Plug, which after buying a $8 cord at Radio Shack, I can play my Ipod through the stereo.

I'm no sound nut, but to me, it sounds very good.
Just buy a Ipod am or fm reciever, turn it on to an unused radio station and use the ipod thru the radio, we do it and it works pretty good !
Megabyte, thanks for the Ilounge pointer.

I just bought this using some American Express reward points:

http://www.tivoliaudio.com/product.php? ... 266&page=1

I guess I can use it in the backyard too :D .

Having one engine and no kicker, and not being as handy as some of my other esteemed Parker brethren, I don't want to put too many battery-drawing toys on the boat, especially those involving drilling into the hull. The above should work fine, and allow me to listen to the ballgame to boot :!: :!: :!:
I'm still low-tech in the tune-age department.
I carry one of these Sony Sport Boomboxes when the Admiral is aboard.


When its just me, I go tune-less. :D
Just me and the fishes...