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Nov 26, 2006
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Northern VA.
Looking at a Horizon 600g Windlass. It's 1-1/4" wider than the OEM Horizon 500G, does anyone know if this will be a problem fitting in between the cleats on the pulpit? Anything else I should know about this windlass to go on my 2310? The 600G is 7-3/8" inches wide, the dimension that would be between the cleats, and the 500G is 6-1/8" wide. Lengthwise, (bow to stern dimension), the 600G is only 1/4" longer. This is the Gypsy only, no drum.
You might contact Robin at Parker Marine to find out which model they now mount, and if they have a paper pattern they can xerox for you. When I was at the factory a few years back, they had a pattern for everything...well organized.
I asked her about that, and she said while we can no longer get the 500G, they can, and they are still using it.
They must have ordered them in large blocks under a multi-year contract. You can certainly get them on sale. I bought the replacement for the one that jammed and pushed a shaft through the side of the case, through West Marine. They are not in the catalog, but one of their warehouses still had 6 in stock 3 months back. You might find the same thing with Boaters World. You can find them on e-bay. Problem become getting parts. I found a site (pyacht) that still has parts for the 500G. I don't know how much longer parts will be available though.

If I were you, I'd go to West Marine and ask them to photocopy the mounting pattern that comes in the box. You might be able to find that at pyacht in their on-line user manual area. Take a piece of cardboard, draw the hole pattern and the outline of the windlass body. Then go to the boat and see if you can find a location where the hawse pipe will be centered over the anchor locker, and the windlass body won't get in the way of your cleats.