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Mar 22, 2006
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Franktown, Virginia 23354
Just sitting around recovering from cleaning the boat today....

On my GPS that is always on when I'm moving I've got 2983 miles logged. I've got 292 hours on the motor. This has all been done in the last 15 months. Just curious....

Warning: do not calculate how much you've spent on fuel...... some things just shouldn't be discussed.

I zero out the tracks on my Garmin 2010 every so often to avoid clutter...
I'll have to check and see if it zeros out my mileage too.

My OX66 doesn't record engine hours and the boat wasn't equipped with an hour meter when I bought her.
I figure that at this point, why bother? :)
I do record time in my log, so I could estimate...
I put 1900 GPS miles on my first year with the '99 Parker last season. That was over a total of 67 trips.

-- Tom

my 2520 is in it`s fourteenth SEASON at present and has 1800 hrs
on the chevy 350 i/o.....since i mostly anchor out for the weekends,
and i travel at 18 knots , i estimate i have travelled over 30,000 miles
to date.......and i estimate that i have over 10,000 hours aboard..


3 (weekends per month) x 7 (boatable months per year) x

13 (years of boat use) x 36 (average hours aboard per outing)

another way to calculate would be that i put less than 2hrs of run time
on the engine for at least 36 hours at anchor (sometimes 48 or more);
by this logic, my hours aboard are closer to 25,000 hours aboard.....
the real answer isnt really calculable accurately (and who cares), but
a median number would be somewhere in the 15,000 hours aboard
range at least.......thus, i can say i use my boat a lot, and it has been
worth every penny i spent on it......needless to say , i feel totally at
home and at ease on my parker after that amount of time....we are
old and best friends now.....dan