How to Attach Bulkhead Console?

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Ranger Tim

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Feb 18, 2006
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Central Virginia
Okay, I've got a brand new bulkhead mount console for my 2120. It came with one set of Perko hinges and another set of latches with a removeable pin. Does anyone have this set up? Would you mind sharing how Parker installs this hardware? I know I could just feel my way through it and mount it myself, but why do it blindly when I could just copy the factory install? Pictures would be more than I could hope for!

It would be great to see where folks put their controls and how they route their cables and hoses as well. I've looked at Dales mount a hundred times since he's the only one who's posted pic's.

I promise to keep a picture log of my entire second station install to share with the site. Really... You just have to wait until the money fairy has completed her deliveries. :wink:
I believe the fixed hinges are on the bottom and the take-apart ones with the pins on top, so you can fold it down for adjustment or service, and /or for adding extra wiring features (start/stop, trim tabs, OB tilt, etc.) to the bulkhead as desired.

If no one posts pictures here, I'll get some at my local dealer and will post for you :) !
Ranger Tim":3qvqzv7m said:
You just have to wait until the money fairy has completed her deliveries. :wink:

Send that fairy my way after she visits you. :D

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