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Oct 25, 2006
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Howdy folks, new to the site, stumbled upon it last week looking up info on parkers. full of good info and have learned a lot already

i dont own a parker, but am considering it. i live in Texas and am trying to get a feel for how the 2520 dvsc might handle the gulf of mexico chop we have down here. i have some other questions, but think i will just wander and look around and read for the answers. thanks and have a great day. MIKE
Welcome aboard Mike :) !

We have many users here who keep their boats on the Chesapeake Bay, which is known for havig a bone-jarring chop. I know the mod-V hull users drop the bow via the trim tabs and slug it out OK, albeit slower than a deep-V hull.

I'm sure some will chime in here. If you get the second, please describe the Gulf of Mexico chop in detail ... is it close period and steep, short waved?
thanks, the chop and seas we have here in the gulf off texas are steeep, close together, and mainly wind driven. its not to often we have a large ground swell, that would be nice compared to what we have. the average not so great day is 4-5ft with a 5-6 second period. on good days there may be just a small 1' chop, but there is usually no given direction as it comes from all sides and can make things kinda bouncy.

i know its on here somewere, but for those that run with twin 150 4strokes and the closed transom, what is a good average fuel economy. i know of one 2520 here that has twin 200 2stroke and his is about average 1+ /mile, thats NOT GOOD for 100-120mile one way runs.