Hydrafoils on outboards

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Capt. Ronnie

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Feb 24, 2006
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Wrentham Ma.
Anyone mounted one on their outboard???
I know a few boat owners who have them, but I'm wondering what the benefits would be on my Parker.
Every Parker I see, runs with the bow high out of the water when underway, I'm wondering if a hydrafoil will help with this and help stay on plane at lower rpms, thus burning less fuel.
My slip neighbor has a 2004 2520XL with a Yamaha F225, and has a Permatrim hydrofoil installed on his motor. I believe he goes by Devilfish on this forum. PM him for his direct positive feedback. I will say that having fished on the above boat, I was impressed with the foil and am considering it for my F250, especially as I have the undersized factory Lenco tabs to begin with.