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Nov 9, 2006
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North Shore, NY
Saw and fell in love with a 1999 1800. The hull is in exceptional shape. The previous owner took great care of her. She is beautiful and she's mine as of today!!!
I'm picking her up in 2 weeks. :) :D :D :D
Had to visit my boat at the shop. Couldn't take a lengthwise shot of her.
Can't wait for the spring!!!
Hey flydoc it looks like your hull is in good shape to me. Congrats on it
too! Hopefully we will both get many years of fish finding out of our
rigs. :D :D :D
She's a fine boat ain't she!
Tying flies as we speak!
Looking forward to catching weaks, stripers, blues and even the ocasional albie!
Congrats again!