I sense a windlass project about to occur

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Feb 24, 2006
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Solomons Island, MD
On Friday night before the Annapolis Wish-A-Fish, I was out fishing with a couple of buddies. Dropped one off at the dock about 10:00 PM, and the two of us anchored up at Dobbin's Is. in the Magothy in prep for an early morning recon for WAF. When I went to drop the anchor the windlass stalled out and wouldn't budge. Had to lower the anchor by hand.

Next morning in the daylight, I noticed a crack in the housing and a hole in the side where a shaft has been pushed out. That windlass is toast. :( :( :( Have never pulled any maintenance on that windlass, except to keep the oustide clean. Guess I had better ask what kind of annual maintenance is required on a windlass.

Ordered a new one today. Will send the old one back to Lewmar for repairs (if possible).

When I swap out the windlass, I'll capture some pics of the process.