I think the State of Maryland RULES our Parker world

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Feb 16, 2006
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Newbury, MA
Hmmmmmmmm, 4 of the top 10 posters are from Maryland :) !


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Yeah,, Megabyte and Porkchunker.....don't those guys ever sleep? :D Do they have jobs? Have their families disowned them? :shock:

(I'm just jealous because I can't contribute 7.5 posts per day! 8) )

Dale, the better news in the posting statistics is that about 25% of our membership has posted 10 times or more. In my book that's terrific participation (given that we've been "live" for about a month and a half).

Classic Parker has become such a great place to hang out because a greater percentage of the membership feels at-home enough to speak up when they have something to say.

I think that's a great distinction to have in an online forum.

danielb":3dw9vqxx said:
Does Cheeney own a Parker, does he carry on the boat?

Don't know, but he does 'retreat' to the eastern shore to relax. Somewhere around St Michaels, I believe.

Hey Dale... Rangerdog is in Fairfax, so we can claim him too. :wink:
danielb":3j226ymy said:

Careful! That's how it started for the rest of us too :) Before you know it, you are surrounded by friends, posting pics of your Parker,,, having a great time! :shock: Who knew?

No black helicopters here DanielB, just an observation. :D

Unlike other online forums where 99% of the traffic is posted by 2% of the roster, the members of ClassicParker have created an atmosphere of respect and trust where everyone is welcome to participate....- and they do!

Speaking of black helicopters....woudn't an all-black Parker look stealthy! 8)

Anyone try that yet?

Who's got Photoshop handy?

"For those about to boat ... we salute you :) !"
ParkerSal":d9yic6r5 said:
Let's see..... (Sorry Dale!)

Awwww Now -that's- what I'm talkin' about! 8) Stealthy! :mrgreen:

OMG! It's the Committeboat for Corinthian Yacht Club in Marblehead! :shock:
Esteemed fellow Parker owners,
In the Maryland portion of the Chesapeaks Bay and in some parts of Virginia, I am widly known as the Prince of Parker. I am proud to see my fellow Maryland'ers are taking over. I was fishing the Susquhanna Flats on Saturday and was proud to see that once again, the Parker fleet ruled the day!!!!
Dale, If you think there are a lot of Chesapeake Parkers on the board, you need to see the bay. I am sure Mr. Linwood has some fat pockets from this area alone.
Greg, We should do a survey on Tidalfish. :shock:
Lots-o-Parkers there!
Porkchunker":19cu0wau said:
I believe what got this site off to such a quick start was the easy ability to upload pics--especially into the "Projects" forum. It is fun to see what others have done to their Parkers.

Easy to see what changes I need to make on mine....Like I said before... this forum is going to cost me a lot of money!

I'm from Baltimore, Maryland originally.....

I think a lot might do with all the Chesapeake workboats we have seen all our lives.... we fell in love with the idea of owning one... since it wasn't pratical we did the next best thing........ we transferred our lust.... I mean love...for the notion of working out on the water in a deadrise on a slick cam morning with the fog lifting and the birds beating wingtips on the water scurrying from our path.... we hope to turn back the hands of time just a little bit to live a more peaceful existence.

I can see it in the eyes of those who admire my boat. They think it is a great looking boat but I can see they are reaching back to some childhood memory of a small Eastern Shore waterfront town built on blue crabs with Sunday morning breakfast smells of bacon and other fried goodies drifting toward the marsh grass and out to the sunrise.

You can't find that in a Trophy!